Cocoon Biotech, Inc. Wins Recognition as Most Investable Startup at BioPharm America 2016

A panel of biotech VC and investment experts named Cocoon Biotech the Most Investable Company in a competition of 20 startups at the life science partnering event, held in mid-September in Boston.

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Peter Mitchell Named Chief Scientific Officer At Cocoon Biotech

BOSTON, Ma. — Cocoon Biotech, Inc. a biotechnology company focused on the development of osteoarthritis and other drug-delivery therapies based on its silk protein technology, has announced the appointment of Peter Mitchell, Ph.D., as Chief Scientific Officer. Dr. Mitchell brings to the position 25 years of commercial pharmaceutical leadership focused on arthritis and inflammation.

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Mass. Startup Using Silk in New Treatment for Osteoarthritis

Dr. Ailis Tweed-Kent knew firsthand how badly those with the painful degenerative joint condition needed new treatments, and when she heard about Tufts University professor David Kaplan, who had just filed a patent for using silk for arthritis treatments, she jumped at the chance to meet him.

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Spinning Health Solutions from Silk

In 2013, Dr. Ailis Tweed-Kent founded Cocoon Biotech Inc. to come up with a way to treat the actual cause of arthritis, the loss of cartilage in joints. For the therapy, she turned to a biomaterial that has been used for thousands of years: silk.

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Cocoon Selected by Amgen to Receive Lab Space in LabCentral

Amgen and Kendall Square-based LabCentral recently announced Cocoon Biotech as one of two 2015 Golden Ticket winners. The Golden Ticket program provides space and equipment in LabCentral’s facilities for one year to life sciences start-ups with significant potential. Cocoon will soon begin using LabCentral facilities to continue research and development on our novel silk-based treatment. For more information and the full feature on the Golden Ticket selection, visit this page.

Cocoon Featured on Tufts Tech Transfer

Tufts Tech Transfer of Tufts University, one of Cocoon Biotech’s sponsoring research partners, recently named Cocoon as a featured startup, releasing a new article on Cocoon’s technology and mission. For more information and the full feature and interview visit their website.

Press Release on the Tufts Agreement

Cocoon Biotech to Explore New Treatments for Joint Disease using Silk Biomaterial Platform Developed at Tufts University

BOSTON (November 4th, 2014) — Cocoon Biotech today announced that it has entered into exclusive option and sponsored research agreements with Tufts University to explore the commercialization of new treatments for joint disease and arthritis using silk protein polymers.  The silk biomaterial platform was developed in the laboratory of David L. Kaplan, Ph.D, Stern Family professor and chair of biomedical engineering at Tufts School of Engineering, and spans many biomedical and industrial applications.

Cocoon Biotech is in the formative stages of developing products to treat osteoarthritis, a crippling disease affecting 27million Americans and over 150 million people worldwide.  Existing approaches to treat arthritis, especially to the knee joint, include frequent steroid injections and eventual surgical knee replacement that directly cost the US healthcare system over $100 billion annually according to the Centers for Disease Control (Yelen, et al. 2007).

“Silk is a natural protein with outstanding lubrication features for the joint.  Silk has been used in sutures and other implants for many decades demonstrating a favorable safety profile and has received prior FDA approval for certain medical devices.  Silk can also be engineered to biodegrade at desired rates and release a variety of medications locally into the joint space to facilitate tissue healing,” said David Kaplan.

Joint lubrication is a newer therapeutic option for osteoarthritis, in which a biomaterial is injected into damaged joints to reduce the friction between cartilage surfaces and relieve symptoms such as pain and inflammation.

“Cocoon Biotech joins a growing number of promising silk technology based ventures spun out of Tufts,” said Erik Halvorsen, ‎senior director, Tufts Tech Transfer & Industry Collaboration (TTIC).  “We are thrilled to work with Cocoon to enable the development of such innovative treatment solutions utilizing the silk biomaterial platform for the benefit of the public.”

Dr. Ailis Tweed-Kent, founder and CEO of Cocoon Biotech added, “Our collaboration with Tufts will help bring needed relief to those suffering the effects of osteoarthritis.  As a physician, I am both heartened and resolved that Cocoon is now poised to provide a cost-effective solution to this huge problem facing patients.”

About Cocoon Biotech:  Cocoon Biotech, Inc., Boston, MA was founded in 2013 to bring treatments for arthritis and other debilitating diseases to market.  The company has completed seed financing and is testing prototype products in the laboratory.

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