Cocoon Biotech, Inc., was founded in 2013 to bring the freedom of living a healthy productive life to patients worldwide. Cocoon Biotech is developing a drug-delivery platform based on formulations of fibroin, a protein derived from the cocoon of the silk worm (Bombyx mori).  Silk fibroin is a biocompatible protein that has been used for decades as a suture material; however, recent advances in our understanding of fibroin biochemistry has allowed expansion of the versatility of the material into alternate physical formats such as spheres and hydrogels loaded with active drug substances.

Cocoon’s first product is silk fibroin formulated with a small molecule that targets pain and inflammation.  The silk fibroin formulation provides extended drug release kinetics, and is being developed as an intra-articular injection to safely and effectively treat the symptoms of osteoarthritis.  Osteoarthritis causes significant joint pain and functional impairment that results in a very high societal burden due to both direct and indirect costs.  In addition, the pain and loss of function associated with osteoarthritis can contribute to the progression of additional comorbidities such as obesity and depression. Current treatment options, such as oral pain medications (e.g., Tylenol® and Advil®) or injections of steroids or hyaluronic acid, all have either significant safety issues and/or are poorly effective.   Surgical options such as total joint replacement are invasive and costly, and many individuals are not good candidates for this type of surgery. Cocoon is committed to developing an alternative treatment for patients with osteoarthritis that is safer and more effective than current options.  Our goal is to allow patients to regain the freedom to live a healthy and productive life by providing months of pain relief from a single injection.

The company is currently engaged in pre-clinical testing.